Catskill Jaunts, Part II: Andes

Paisley Boutique

Inside the Andes Hotel

Christie Scheele at the Chace-Randall Gallery

After our visit to the Pakatakan Farmer's Market, Larry and I headed further into the Catskills to a little town called Andes. Past Arkville by a few miles, this lovely country town was charming.

We were starving and hoped to find somewhere that served a late lunch, and we landed in the Andes Hotel where they serve lunch right up until dinner time. Larry and I ordered two lunches to share: local smoked trout with a tomato relish and horseradish sauce, and beer battered shrimp with a spicy pepper dipping sauce. I am not a big fan of fried food, but the batter on the shrimp was light, and the shrimp were not oily and greasy like other fried shrimp I have had. The trout was excellent, the relish unpretentious and tasty. The Hotel offers outside dining/cocktail area on the porch, the bar is a nice size (with a pool table!) and it features entertainment too! There is also a hotel behind it where a double room is 95.00 for the night.

Our appetites whetted, we sought out the Chace-Randall Gallery, where a few of my artist friends/associates exhibit their work. After having tromped through galleries in Wellfleet and Chelsea recently, it was inspiring to see what I considered some really nice work in a much warmer atmosphere. Zoe, the gallery owner, led us through the rooms and graciously offered me a glass of wine as we enjoyed work by artists Christie Scheele, Meredith Rosier (I lusted after a few of hers) and others. The work was every bit as good as what I had seen in the city, with reasonable prices, and a less pretentious atmosphere. If you are in the market for art, I highly recommend stopping in to see Zoe.

Our final stop was a little store called Paisley, where I bought my granddaughter a lovely winter patchwork velour dress, as well as a skirt and a top for myself. In addition to rock bottom prices of clothing by companies such as Sacred Threads, there were lovely baskets, block printed bedspreads and other sundries that I just loved looking at.

It looks like I will be making another trip out 28 before the weather gets too cold, to enjoy the small town warmth and charm of treasures hidden in the Catskills. I think there is magic in these mountains, and I aim to have some rub off.

Till tomorrow,

Patti O


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