Catskill Jaunts: Part 1: The Pakatakan Farmer's Market

Larry and I were supposed to go away for the weekend, but with my hormones not cooperating, and me not wanting to drop a few bills on a nice B and B while feeling horrid, we opted for staying home and touring the Catskills.

I have been buying my skin care products from Lorna at Lorna's Naturals for years at the Kingston Farmer's Market. However, since she can't be in two places at once, she no longer does that market, and sells at the Pakatakan Farmer's Market in Halcotsville, NY, just outside of Margaretville, which is 30 minutes or so west of Woodstock. I have been out of face, skin cream, and soap for a long time, so I was determined to find her.

It was a flash back, riding up Route 28 and gazing at the country side that I grew up in. The church I used to go to, now for sale and overgrown. The portal, where the waters is discharged from the Gilboa dam further north, into the Esopus creek. Roads I used to travel. Mountains, trees, trains, new businesses as well as some old ones which have survived 30 years.

Though we had a bit of a hard time finding it is we had minimal details, and had only 30 minutes to buy from Lorna and check it out the market, the setting is lovely as is the quality of the vendors.

The first booth I stumbled upon was lovely organic produce, and was delighted by the wonderful ceramics (lovely round handmade ceramic sinks for 200.00 folks!!), wool, clothes, pesto and I even found Grey Mouse Farm jams and food. I buy from her at the Unison Fair every year, so you KNOW I went home with a jar of delectable Dilly Beans and her dried veggie chips.

When Lorna saw us come in, she came running out and we gave one another huge hugs.Besides being a fabulous woman, she makes the most amazing body products, and I have tried A LOT, some at much higher prices.

I came home with a bag full of presents for others, as well as some for myself. Face oil with jasmine and sandalwood, face cream, Gardenia and Lavender creams, a solid rose perfume, cranberry scented lip gloss for the mysterious chapping of my lips (either an allergic reaction to lipstick, or else the pre-cancer has spread..) and six bars of soap, ranging from sandalwood, to Patchouli, and spearmint. One of the jars and soaps is going to a friend who has pretty serious cancer is an now starting chemo. It will be a delectable NATURAL way for her to start her day.

Tomorrow's blog will be our stop over into the little town of Andes, NY. Right now, Larry is waiting for me to take him to Dolce for breakfast, and then off to Olana to celebrate our 13 years of vows taken there.

Life is beautiful.



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