Another Woodchuck Story....

Another spectacular day in the Hudson Valley.

I forced myself to take the car to the car wash, so I could vacuum, wash, and wax it. I had a few cups of coffee in me, so I was able to get it done in an hour, including the drive time to the car wash.

After that, off to Gadeleto's for a lunch meeting with a group of local artists, which included good conversation about the art world, and life in general. Then off to Hurley to visit Meredith, where I had a very strange occurrence with a woodchuck.

Those of you who follow this obscure blog, know that I have huge issues with woodchucks living under my porch, living in my yard, raising their young, and sometimes being very smelly. (they have a toilet area of their burrows, and I suspect that last year that spot was under my house) I trapped one and re-located it last month, only to find more had appeared. (spouse/kids?). I don't mind them, but they do like my garden, though not as much as the deer do, and I really don't like the smell of their scat while I am reading a book or eating on the porch.

So I am sitting having a Blue Moon brew at Meredith's, when a woodchuck comes barreling up the hill across a large field, heading directly towards me, stops only a few feet away and stares at me. I talk to it for a bit, (uh, what DO you say to a's the eating?) and then it turns around and takes off to the neighbor's house.

I have had hummingbirds do that on several occasions..and I blamed it on my red hair, but a woodchuck??!!! Someone suggested that it might be my totem animal, so I did a bit of research.

Very interesting. I will post the link HERE so that you can read I don't want to copy/paste, but in the event it is true, that is very very groovy..but now it makes me wonder if I should be trapping and relocating them......sigh. If only they didn't shit under my house. I would even give them a little garden of their own to munch out on.....

So much to think about.....

Patti O Animal


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