The Heat is On

I was supposed to go Plein Air painting yesterday with some friends, it being a French term meaning "open air", or simply painting outside, made popular by the Impressionists.

Most art is made in the studio, and after having painted plein air, I understand why. You have to pack up your canvases, paints, and easel, find a place to paint, set up, and then endure the bugs, elements, sun, cold, heat, etc. Also, it is difficult to paint with anything but oils outside as acrylics dry too fast. And then you have to deal with the mess of oil paints and carrying a wet canvas home.

I have no choice but to work small with my car, as the only safe place to put a wet canvas is in the trunk. Unless I take the CRV which has a lot of room and it on its 7th year with me, so I am less concerned about a little paint here and there.....

I diverge. Because of the heat wave here, we did not go paint. And I was glad for that decision.But I had blocked out the day, and decided that at least part of it should be used for my original intention, to paint.

I cooked my entire dinner in the morning, a melange of fresh bean salad, marinated tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, deviled eggs, and all I had to do was put on the water for the corn. Then out to the studio where I have AC, and off to my world of painting.

To stay in a cool state of mind, I finished up two winter paintings. One, a view of Olana, needed a second coat. The other, a view of the snow/ice on the Hudson along River Road, needed some work. Then I started working on a small piece of the salt marsh which I started the week before.
The photos here do not do the pieces justice, as the camera went hog wild with the blue in the painting, and the natural light in my studio also had a blue cast. I supposed I should have photographed them outside, but it was too hot.

Today, another paint day. Then shopping for some tops for work, meeting friends to see The Time Traveler's Wife (loved that book) and then off to Woodstock to be on the local TV show on channel 23 at 10 pm. The show is called Apocalypse Varga, and is hosted by artist Chloe Valentine, and Christina Varga, of Varga Gallery fame, where I show some of my art.
Having never been on TV before, I don't know what to expect, but I will chalk it up as another one of my many life experiences. I am bringing work, some of my larger newer landscapes, and also some from my mixed media series called Telling Stories. Two of my favorite pieces are in galleries, so I can't bring those, but I am sure that I will find a few pieces to supplement my larger works. Oh, and if you click on the Apocalypse Varga link, you can stream the show LIVE!

Off to turn on the AC in the studio, and perhaps do a wee bit of gardening, like plant some more seeds..spinach/arugula/and the likes.

Patti O TV


Andrea said…
Lovely paintings. Two things--one, can you set the white balance on your camera, and two, can you fix the white balance in Photoshop? I know it's an easy fix in Raw, but that's CS3, so it might take some doing in your version, if you don't have CS3.

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