Lazin' on a Sunday Afternooooooon....

Strange Sunday.

Started with fog, followed by hours of curriculum writing, as I had to have it done today so that I could get on that Trailways bus to NYC tomorrow morning and be done with it for a few days. Once I get on that bus, all thoughts of school will be VANQUISHED. As well as thoughts of most everything else. And believe me, there is a lot of stuff for me to digest in my life.

I don't know how the planets were aligning, or not aligning, but it was not a day for relationships. At nearly 3 pm I craved some sunlight and some alone time, and headed to Karen's for some girl and sun time.

Karen and I talked about what our ideal of nirvana would be, and how we could write our own novel about what a stint in heaven would be like.

Heaven would look like this:

We'd get to keep our men, but in their prime.
We would also be in our prime. And tan.
Their to-do list would always BE DONE.
We wouldn't mind cooking as the recipe for what we wanted to make would miraculously appear, as well as the ingredients.
We would make art as much as we wanted with no fear of not having enough time.
Heaven means no dust, no cat or dog hair, or dirt.
We'd have plenty of time for friends, reading, and movies.
We could go out to eat any time we desired, and have any kind of cuisine to choose from.
We'd never have a period (OK, I added this one, not Karen, though I suspect she would concur)
Our kids would never give us shit.

And the list goes on.

I have got to go to bed an visit Mr. Man. He is waiting, and I am leaving him for three days.

Don't know when I will be back, but stay tuned for some NYC adventures.

Patti O Muser!


Anonymous said…
oh yeah, the pool would never need a vacuum nor turn green, KiSS

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