Off to Queens

I am heading to Westchester tomorrow to pick up my sister, and then we head to Queens to visit my aunt.It will probably be our last visit with her, as they can't do dialysis as her blood pressure is too low, and her kidneys are only functioning at 10% at best. It's only a matter of time.

I feel strange as I am sad, but not devastated. I guess when you are 80, have fought years of bone marrow cancer, and up until recently dared to push your way around Queens in a wheel chair, then given 6 months to live with metastatic lung cancer, and STILL pushed your way around Queens in your wheelchair, you deserve applause, not tears.

And that is exactly what I am going to give her.

Things may change when I see her..a shadow of her self. In the old days, she was given the nickname "the General" at a time where women took a back seat to men. And she has done exactly that...pushed her way past her cancer and taken herself into the world in spite of her pain and her handicaps, and done her best to live her life- and her conditions were NOT pretty, but those stories I won't get into.

Bravo Aunt Peg-O. Your strength and stubbornness is inspiring...and may that gene be in my own blood. May you blaze a path as you leave your body and head to another life.

Patti O Niece


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