Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid

It's been a busy few days here. I was almost too tired to blog, but I wanted to post a few links here about keeping our animals fed as well as we can. One of my cats had rapid kidney failure which caused her untimely death - possibly accelerated by the food I was feeding her which contained fillers and chemicals which later were found to be extremely unhealthy. Fillers I believe, that were in foods processed in China.

Thanks to my friend Marlaine, she posted a good link on pet food ingredients to avoid, and then I did some of my own research and found a great site which rated dry cat foods.

No matter what animal you have, do a google search for a review of that animal's foods. Expensive does not always mean better, and cheap is usually just that, cheap.

I keep my cats indoors in order to keep them safe from cars, disease, and insects, and other animals. But I did not realize that the food that the vet suggested we buy has fillers in it such as corn and rice, as well as chicken meal and salt.

Off to do more homework, and find a better food for my cat that will also fit their urinary tract issues.

Oh, and just read that it has been discovered that the ash content of cat food has very little to do with UTI's and other urinary issues.

Off to watch the weather channel, snuggle up to the heating pad...and hopefully sleep tonight.

Patti O Kitty


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