A Whiter Shade of Pale

I have been up since 6 am as I headed to bed to read at 9:30, and promptly got sleepy and nodded out. The sun is no where to be seen, though the forecast states that by 9 it will be sunny in Wellfleet. It has 4 minutes to create a miracle.

It was the perfect day yesterday for Karen and I to head up to Truro to the Atlantic Spice Company, where we loaded up with herbs we bought in bulk by the pound. Bay leaves, hot curry powder, a huge bag of peppermint tea bags, herbs de Provence, oregano. When we get home we joked about having an "herb" party, splitting our treasures into smaller bags, perhaps making some bay sachets to keep those little bugs OUT of the pantry.

We then stopped by my fave paper store..Jules Besch, where Karen bought the paper she was been craving for 2 years now, and I only bought one piece and a card. I am on austerity budget since there is no money in the art coffers, but I did get an idea on how to make some cards for my winter show.

After it was an afternoon of doing an under painting, and drinks with friends who had stopped by. Later Larry and I had the house to ourselves , as our housemates were out on an adventure in P-town, so we had some kiss-face and made dinner out of all the left-overs in the fridge, sipping on the rest of the wine.

And now, since we have eaten most of the food, and we are both starving while the world is sleeping upstairs, we are taking off for a 1/2 mile walk along to bike trail to get a breakfast burrito at the little bakery in the plaza down the street.

Later..who knows how we will fill our last day full day here.....to be determined.

Photo is the underpainting done in acrylic of the scene from our balconies at 10 pm. The oils will make it zing---I hope.

Patti O Dreamer


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