Kingston IS beautiful

Lots of people complain about my city. And I am one of them. They don't know how to plow or pave the roads. Box stores abound, with little care it seems to the the struggling small businesses. Rhinebeck and Woodstock are very busy spots, each only 10 miles away, whereas Kingston is dead. Approximately 40% of the city is owned by not-for-profit who don't pay taxes. There are lots of renters. The rest of us have to pick up the burden and sometimes I wonder, what am I getting?

Sewers that are collapsing. Streets that don't divert run-off water correctly so houses/basements/studios flood. The city playground is in disrepair. I feel like it is run by "the boys club". It's stagnant, falling apart.

The mayor wonders why people are leaving; I say, what are you doing to want them to stay?

But there are a lot of hidden treasures in this city, many of which not open to the public. They are tucked away in the most unsuspecting of places. It is in these own home included, that I find refuge.

Today I joined three other women for a day of swimming, silly games, and conversation, and then my solo ride home at sunset with the top down. The day, one of the top 10 in the Catskills, was interspersed with phone calls about my aunt's condition, which is deteriorating.

I was faced with a choice. To be bereft, or to celebrate in the beauty of the day and of the surroundings. My decision? To keep my aunt close to my heart, and to enjoy the gift of life in a place that was soothing, relaxing, and healing.

And tomorrow, I will deal with what lies a peaceful state, which is what I most pray for my aunt.

Patti O Peace


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