Provincetown Adventure

The day was overcast. Not a beach day, but the perfect day to go into P-town. Not only I thought so, but apparently thousands of others.

It was crowded beyond belief, and my introvert self kept saying GET OUT GET OUT. Shoulder to shoulder, being bumped off the sidewalk into the streets, maneuvering between people, bikes, and cars.

But we were on a mission. One to visit owner Ronny Hazel of Shop Therapy fame, one of the famous two colorful shops of the town, the other to the Marine Specialties store to buy Larry a pair of Rafters at a deep discount.

Shop Therapy is filled with tie dyed clothes, bags galore from exotic places like Bali and Nepal, and more, at fab prices. A trip upstairs will take you to the adult and "smoking" accessory shop. I should have taken photos, but I was overwhelmed by everything, and forgot.

However, once at Marine Specialties, I took out my camera while Larry look for his sandals for treks. The store was PACKED and I had a difficult time finding space to stand still enough to take photos w/out flash or tripod. The few that weren't fuzzy I posted here.

I wanted to find a gift for Judi who is taking care of my cats, and we found a delightful shop called Forbidden Fruit which will be ready for online ordering soon. And yes, I got Judi a gift there....which I won't disclose in case she reads this.

We finished off the day with dinner for 10, something I rarely do, which I pulled together in an hour or so. We stopped by the Wellfleet Harbor and bought fresh cod in the seafood shop, which was fabulous thanks to the help of Jaan, and served salad and corn, some of which we imported from our organic gardens or farms from home, finished off with ice cream from Maine.

Today it is raining...again. I think we will go out for brunch, take a trip into Truro and Wellfleet, and maybe back to P-town. Or maybe I will paint. It's all good, this being on vacation.

Patti O Shopper


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