Horoscopes, Strokes, Undertakers and George Washington's Bed.

I can never say that I live an uninteresting life.
It is usually a packed day, full of surprises; some good, some not so good.

The not so good was a migraine that started slowly and softly, reaching a crescendo by late afternoon. Then there was the phone call from my aunt telling me that my other aunt, the sister of the auntie who just died, had a stroke and is in the hospital. The song "Another One Bites the Dust" plays wickedly in my head. "NOT YET" I shout to the little devil singing in my ear. Then I remembered one of the prayers at the funeral the other day:"may your soul reach heaven before the devil knows you're dead." As my mother would say: "right on".

I had a date to meet a Facebook friend who kindly did my horoscope for me. I knew I should have taken a tape recorder with me, as there was so much to understand, and my brain could only hold so much of the info on the houses, planets, etc. A lot of it made sense, and I will study them further with the print out of my personality and forecast.

It mentioned that this is a good time to start planning my future. A meeting with the NYS retirement peeps is in order this year. Knowledge of my money situation in a few years will help me determine what path to take.

Just before I leave, the undertaker who helped with the mass and who buried my aunt strolls into the bagel shop. Nice guy..but the coincidence did give me a bit of the willies.

After that off to Rhinebeck to meet up with friends and get my hair cut. As luck would have it, I was late to my appointment due to the fair traffic and Lois could not cut my hair. I didn't really care, but I had a little melt down in the Shop. I started crying and had to work really hard to stop. A good cry is due, but not there....Back to my friend's house for some wine, and he let Karen and I into the room where George Washington had slept. You KNOW we had to try out the bed.

I can't give out the details here...lest he get into trouble for letting us do it, but man, it was a REALLY uncomfortable bed, a feather type mattress over ropes. I could feel each and every one of them, and they creaked every time we made a move. I thought that it would have been more comfortable had he moved the mattress to the floor!!!

Back home in the pouring rain (what else is new) to take more drugs for my headache, and then a call from friends to meet them at the Elephant. Once the drugs kicked in, I had fun, and the day ended better than it started.

Off to watch an oldie, A Man and A Woman.

Patti O


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