In Praise of the Water Pick

I was going to write about my adventures in new car buying, about my daughter going into labor at six months and being shuttled in and out of hospitals 900 miles away, about my son having a car crash last night, about the melt downs I had while trying to use In Design, and about how I am rapidly using up my tools in my "life tool box".

But while I was performing my nightly routine, I decided to rejoice in the magic of the Water Pik.

Now at 50 I am proud that I have all my teeth save for the four wisdom teeth that I got pulled along the way, and that my mouth has very few fillings. I have always kept my teeth brushed well, and have had them whitened with the bleach solution a few times as I do drink a little coffee and like to boost their whiteness from time to time.

BUT I HAVE ALWAYS HATED FLOSSING, and it has caught up to me.

Over the past 5 years or so, I have had to endure the dental hygienist probing deep into my gums and shouting out numbers to her assistant. 2,3, oh no---this one's a 6, and so forth. At the end my mouth feels like it has been invaded with an alien probe, and I am bleeding profusely.

Finally, last year, my hygienist said "hey Patti, buy a Water Pik, that may be the solution to keep you out of our clutches with periodontal disease".

When I first started using this machine, I got more water in my face and all over the bathroom than into my gums. I had to start on baby strength as it hurt, and I bleed like a $%^$@* afterwards.

But over time my gums have gotten healthier, they bleed much less, and I just LOVE seeing all the little pieces of lettuce, seaweed, broccoli and other detritus that has stayed behind lurking in my teeth and gums, even AFTER I brush my teeth!

I still make a mess of the sink, but as the warm water pulses into my gums I smile knowing I will beat those pockets into submission!

Oh and I put my deposit down on my EOS. Silver, with black interior. I am still reading reviews....wondering ...did I make the right choice....but then again I remember--stay positive, this will be the BEST car you have ever bought and NOTHING is going to go wrong. Besides, they had a year to work out the kinks, I have a 4 year 48,000 mile warranty, and four years 50,000 mile road side service....

Stay tuned.

patti o dentist


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