Touched By Cancer

Today at 5-7:30 is the opening of the art show "Touched by Cancer" at Backstage Productions on Wall Street, in uptown Kingston, NY.

It consists of artwork by about 25 artists who have been touched by cancer in their lives, whether personally, or through someone they love.

I have not done much art other than design for my few clients and shops who keep me afloat, but this was one show I would not miss as my life has been touched, or rather groped by cancer for 31 years. It has effected me deeply-on an emotional level.

Upon sending my emails out announcing the show, I received several emails from people telling me about how cancer has literally "invaded" their lives, some rather extensively. Parents, in-laws, friends, themselves. My prayers and meditations are with you all.

The artwork I have done for this is intense. It is from deep within. It is powerful. It has healed me emotionally and spiritually.

I hope to see some of you there in this celebration of life and appreciation of the group that is putting it on..the social workers from our local Oncology group- and Jean Tansey for organizing and making this possible.

In keeping with the theme, here is a list of veggies and fruits in order of their chemical content. Remember to eat organic as much as possible, and I remember reading a list of MUST purchases of organic products....milk, apple products, meat/chicken, and ketchup. (peanut butter might have been on that list too)

Please wash all produce if not organic, though it does not remove ALL of the pesticides.

1 Peaches (highest pesticide load--100)
2 Apples (96)
3 Sweet Bell Peppers (86)
4 Celery (85)
5 Nectarines (84)
6 Strawberries (83)
7 Cherries (75)
8 Lettuce (69)
9 Grapes (Imported--68)
10 Pears (65)
11 Spinach (60)
12 Potatoes (58)
13 Carrots (57)
14 Green Beans (55)
15 Hot Peppers (53)
16 Cucumbers (52)
17 Raspberries (47)
18 Plums (46)
19 Oranges (46)
20 Grapes-Domestic (46)
21 Cauliflower (39)
22 Tangerine (38)
23 Mushrooms (37)
24 Cantaloupe (34)
25 Lemon (31)
26 Honeydew Melon (31)
27 Grapefruit (31)
28 Winter Squash (31)
29 Tomatoes (30)
30 Sweet Potatoes (30)
31 Watermelon (25)
32 Blueberries (24)
33 Papaya (21)
34 Eggplant (19)
35 Broccoli (18)
36 Cabbage (17)
37 Bananas (16)
38 Kiwi (14)
39 Asparagus (11)
40 Sweet Peas-Frozen (11)
41 Mango (9)
42 Pineapples (7)
43 Sweet Corn-Frozen (2)
44 Avocado (1)
45 Onions (best i.e. lowest pesticide load--1)

PS and I can no longer eat onions :(

Patti O Informer


inventivesoul said…
The numbers scare me.
I was listening to NPR this week and there was a discussion on pesticides and man made crap that gets into all fish and animals and that smaller fish were better eat. That the larger the fish was, the worse chance you have of it being good for you because the smaller fish are eaten by larger ones and the chemicals are compounded each time a fish is eaten by a larger one....
Just terrible. Terrible crisis!!!

Did you get the envelope that I sent up to you last week?

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