The First Harvest

Tonight Larry and I had our first salad from the garden. A combo of red leaf lettuce and baby spinach, garnished with some sliced red pepper, toasted pine nuts and goat cheese.

I think this is the earliest I have ever eaten out of the garden, perhaps because I got an early start one warm weekend.

My peas and other seedlings however are very slow this spring. Not enough rain, then too much rain, and now it has been rather cold so things are taking their own sweet time growing.

However, the cool weather keeps the greens sweet and from going to seed. To much heat bolts the cilantro, lettuce, and other greens, and I get to keep my chives around a bit longer too.

Off to bed. I slept horridly last night, and am tired so I will go up early, dig out the sweats, and settle in to read a bit more of my book.

I have some great prints by the way on my Etsy site. This one is a print of a River in Connecticut I believe. I wonder what it looks like now.....probably totally developed........



Judy Vars said…
We cannot even put out the flower baskets and strawberrys safely until next full moon. Still it's beautiful. It will all bust on memorial day.
Keeping it green

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