What I Have Discovered

My weekend has been packed…packed with work, packed with discoveries, packed with the divinities of the universe.

I have discovered through my painting class that there is so much that I don’t know and I have so much to learn about painting in regards to color, technique, and structure. I have learned that I will only learn these things through hard work and perseverance and painting painting painting.

I have discovered through my yoga class that every time I incorporate movement, breathing and awareness in my life, I am doing yoga. May I remember this in my day to day activities, and boy, do my inner thighs hurt from my 2 hour yoga class.

I have re-discovered the value and joy of friendship and the beauty of having dinner with people that I admire in my life. Thank you Karen for this gift.

I am off to make my bed with clean sheets which is another gift. I love to slide under freshly washed cool sheets and close my eyes and breathe deeply.

To discovery and divinity



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