Mohonk Preserve Hike

After work Karen, Cody (the dawg) and I went hiking on the Mohonk Preserve. The rail trail is lovely, but it is flat, and can be a bit dull at times, whereas we have lots of choices of hikes on the preserve.

As soon as we pulled into the small lot on the farm, the most beautiful blue bird hung out a bit for me to photograph him. At first I thought it was a bluebird, but on closer inspection I found it to be an Indigo Bunting, which I have never seen in all my years of checking out wildlife in the Hudson Valley. It could be a Blue Grosbeak, but I think it a bunting. It was so fabulous, and the beauty of his color made me grin ear to ear.

Part of the hike is on old carriage trails, which have some good hills, and if you go at a good pace, affords a great work out. I am in decent shape and I still found myself winded several times. The hike takes you through meadows, woods, and along the Bonticou Crag, pictured here. I have hiked/rock scrambled this crag several years ago, after my rotator cuff injury, and right before my trimalleolar fracture. I will once again climb the crag, but today was not the day for that. We skirted around the bottom, did a loop, and took a steep and rougher trail back to the car. We hiked an hour at a moderate pace, and covered a good 3+ miles of terrain.

to hike the preserve is a modest 50.00 a year, 15.00 for an additional adult member of your family, and 5.00 for each child. There are several membership levels, and you can bike and technical rock climb on the preserve for an small additional yearly fee. Oh, and you can cross country and snowshoe too there. Much to photograph and paint, as well as get my exercise in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Off to go to the farmer's market for the first time this year. I hope to beat the rain, and they open in 15 minutes. I so love it here.........

xx patti o hiker


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