I am Nobody's Twin

This week was spirit week in school.

Every week for me is spirit week, but I love when we run special events.

I could not participate in every event, as I have so much going on in what seems to be every waking moment in my life. I told my students today that I felt like I was doing 80 in a 40 zone.

I participated in the 60's day. I wore a tye-dyed t-shirt by my friend Phillip Brown who has been making tie dyed shirts for 30 years. It was a tank top, and since it was cool out, I paired it with my fave short tee from the French Quarter in New Orleans that I bought the spring before Katrina hit and a slim pair of low cut blue jeans, with a microscopic zipper much like the one on my rust colored bell bottoms of my teenage years. I wore wedge sandals, similar to those from the early 70's, and finished the outfit off with a necklace that I made in 1969 when I moved up to the Woodstock area from Long Island. Funny how it never broke, and I have worn it for 30 years. ROCK ON.

Then I celebrated Beach day with a pair of madras shorts, my Teva sandals, and a white Haines t-shirt whose neckline I altered before I walked out the door. Covered in coconut oil, I was ready to jam.

Today was twin day, and someone asked me "whose twin are you???" to which I replied I AM NO BODY'S TWIN. At that moment I had a flash back to a birthday party I had with my previous significant other, who gave me a card that read "when they made you they broke the mold and beat the hell out of the mold maker".

I remember reading that outloud to the crowd around me at the party, and wincing a bit knowing that it was not meant in 100% kindness. It was his unacceptance of my free spirit that made him leave a list of "things I don't like about Patti" that I found while cleaning. Needless to say, I picked up my two kids and once again, left and moved on.....

I did not mean to say that with such an edge. Perhaps it was too early and I had not had my second cup of coffee. But as the day progressed, I celebrated my uniqueness as I did the students who touch my life every day.

I am nobodys twin.

Patti o.

Photo: shirt by Phillip Brown who ROCKS in the tie dye world! Thanks Phil!!!


Judy Vars said…
Rock On Patti! You must be the worlds coolest and hottest teacher
and nobodys twin.
:0 :)

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