Mother's Day

It is way past 2 am when I got woken up by some one's car alarm that must have gone off till the battery ran out. Hot, annoyed, and wide awake, I got up for some warm milk and 1/2 an ambien.

I have had the bottle since I had major surgery and could not sleep from pain for months, and only used it rarely, even then cutting a pill in half.

Tonight I am desperate for sleep as I had plans to get up early, and go shopping for Dole in order to get him out a goody box to Afghanistan.

I hate to shop and the only shopping I do is when I have no choice, or can go to a store that I like, which is usually the small farmer's stand, and generally a non box store.

I am going to have to put aside my phobias and dislikes, and pick up some food and supplies that will make him smile in a dangerous country far from his wife and children.

It seems the ultimate sacrifice I could make on Mother's Day for my son in law who has been good to my daughter. I will also go and visit my mother in the nursing home, bring her some flowers, and a movie or two. We will sit with her for a while, undoubtedly watch some TV until I can't bear it any more and have to leave. She can't talk, so there are many awkward silences, or else I prattle away. If I had my car at least I could have taken her for a spin w/the top down, but alas, no luck there.

I am obsessing about my car too. I briefly saw it today: silver and black. It is so different than the one I had been driving, the white on white, and the black with white seats. I picked a car that did not scream clean me all the time, as silver is fairly innocuous and can live with road dirt for a while, and black interior definitely won't show my laziness in vacuuming the car. I hope it is not too hot, and may have to pick up some cool towels to put down on the seats for hot day rides with the top down.

I hope I love it. I just sat in it, feeling a little cave like as compared to the lighter interior, and I wish I had the lighter color but KNOW my lifestyle and KNOW I won't keep up with the cleaning necessary to make it look nice 24/7.

I am sure once I see it with the top down, that I will be in love with it again. I guess I am still trying to internalize the color combo and the shock over buying it.
I tried to take a photo with my cell phone, but I messed it up and deleted the pics instead.

Back up to bed to see if I can sleep. I am treating myself to yoga in the morning followed by a trip to see mom, then coming home to work in the yard some with Will.
At least I will get to spend some time with my son, which happens rarely. Larry will make me his traditional Mother's Day Dinner,and I will welcome spring and the ability to plant as we should be done with frost now. Tomatoes here we come.

Happy Mother's day all, and here is a bouquet of dogwood for you as they light fades in the western sky.

Patti O Dinner Party


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