You Know It's Spring When......

You know it's spring when my dinner consists of salads. It is my favorite summertime meal, and I got the bug today, inspired by Larry making a huge pot of egg salad for the week.

I made potato salad, and a tuna salad loaded with fabulous things, recipe below. Since 2 things already had mayo, I chose to leave it out of this salad, and made a salad dressing with similar ingredients as the tuna salad.

The opening last night was wonderful. It was such a celebration of faith, bravery, of life. I saw many friends, some of whom I have not seen in a long time, and some whom I did not know had cancer.

After the opening I went to a very groovy tapas bar called The Elephant with a bunch of friends, and met up with even more friends. It became one big party fest.

Before we headed home, I went over to the building where I had a studio/gallery with Lois for a few years. They have been redoing it, and divided the old R & F Encaustic space into various sized studios. For the first Saturday art event Christina Vargas of Woodstock Vargas Gallery fame, filled the rooms with artwork by local artists.

At 10:30 at night people were still coming in to check it out and party.

I miss having that studio and gallery space, and fantasized about renting one of the studios just for painting. I make art in such seclusion, and it would be cool to still be secluded, but have others around me doing the same thing. Plus, I can't do really large canvases in my space.

But I don't have a few extra hundred dollars a month for the space, so for now I will make do.

Tomorrow is back to work, and the final test drive on the EOS. I will try and make a deal to get what I want for the price I want. We shall see how it goes.

Enjoy the recipes below. Just remember to try and buy organic, especially the items that rank high on the list for residual pesticides (see my previous blog on this)

Patti O Party

Tuna Salad
(PS I don't measure...I am a true collage artist in food also)
1 can of tuna in water
add the following
red peppers
fresh squeezed lemon juice
white balsamic vinegar
salt/pepper to taste.

Salad dressing
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
White balsamic Vinegar
lemon juice

I use my litte tiny blender to mix up well.



inventivesoul said…

MMMMM... enjoy!
Those salads taste even better after a few days have past!

I made chicken breasts in curry for tomorrow nights salad dinner!
It was SO warm today, I was inspired! (Sunday)

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