Back Home Again

It has been a whirlwind, but a fabulous whirlwind.

Sunday - baby shower, given by Megan's friends on base. They gave her a shower with all that they had, and I am proud that I have raised a daughter who cherishes sincerity, friendship and the love with which these girls showed Megan by giving everything they had to give her a shower.

These families struggle...I have seen some things that make me even angrier about how our government treats our soldiers. I cannot say some of this publicly, as I don't want to disclose some of the personal struggles of the people I have befriended, but those of you who know me personally can ask me about it. Our soldiers deserve thanks-from us but even MORE so, from the very government who hires them.

Though I don't think I would do well on a military base--it is a very different life than I am accustomed to living, I value the experiences I have had there.

I left yesterday, had a wonderful flight, even though it was heartbreaking to leave Megan crying, and Alanna whining that I was leaving. I will drive back in July (sooner if I am needed) and it seems that we can not stay apart for more than a few months.

Yet as I landed, and saw Mohonk from the air, the mighty Hudson River below me, and the fabulous landscape of the Hudson River Valley, I was glad to be back home again (to the tune of that old John Denver song). I have flown in and out of many airports, and Stewart and Albany are fabulously beautiful.

I walked to my car, it was 82 degrees, put down the top to my EOS, and headed home with the wind in my hair, and was glad I was heading north on the NY Thruway, as the southbound lanes were jammed with vacationers heading back to the burbs/city. And to think that I live here year 'round and never have to leave it.

Larry was glad to see me (and I him) and we headed to Catskill to pick up some Thai food and drive around his old neighborhoods.

Today I took a long walk along the rail trail with a good friend, went to buy some more plants for my garden, took a nap, and spent some time getting back into the studio. I have Romance and Cigarettes for tonight's movie, and look forward to some quiet time before I have to get back into the work routine.

Oh, and a very good movie --- The Waitress. That too hit a few nerves for me. It is a shame that writer/actress/director Adrianne Shelly met with such a violent death and never got to see her movie hit the theaters, but it is a poignant, touching, humanistic movie that moved me deeply.

Off to the movies,

Patti O Traveler
PS Photo of Megan and I taken by Dondra, our resident photographer!


Judy Vars said…
Another movie I liked was a documentary called "Why We Fight" I never had I heard the reasons we war described like that before. We live in a crazy upside down world.
Do you think a woman or black Democratic president could upset the balance of power in this male dominated country?

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