The Magic of Spring

I have been too busy enjoying the good weather, going for long walks, rides, and working in the garden or studio to be inspired to write. The weather has been glorious, and now that I am home, there is always so much to be done after work.

Yesterday evening I attended a fabulous soiree put on by The Center for Photography in Woodstock. It was a "welcome" party for the new interns who will be working there for the summer. It is always a pleasure to meet the young, mainly female college students who are here as photography and art administration interns from various colleges in the U.S. Woodstock is almost always a very interesting experience for these young impressionable students, and I think for the most part, a good one.

Great food, great drinks (yumm..those Caribbean Martinis rocked) and even better still, great company. I spent much of my time talking to photographer friendCharise Isis, and CPW's Education Coordinator Liz Unterman. I thrive on the passion that these women have for art, and the joy they get in the work that they do.

I had recently been accepted into a fall art show hosted by Jewish Federation in our city. The commissions that they get from the show always goes to a local charity, and is very well attended, with people coming with the intent to spend money on art. So, this afternoon, in some of my spare time, I visited the local art supply store to check out frames for some of the work that I need to start framing. Making the art is one challenge, and finding the appropriate frame to fit the artwork is another. Thankfully I have three months to paint, collage, and frame.

The photos for tonight are some from my garden. In full bloom are my lily of the valley, the wild miniature Japanese iris, columbine, and forget-me-nots. The garden at this time of year is so lovely as it is under control, and the grass is green and lush from the cool temperatures, and fairly frequent rains.

The temperatures have been in the 80's, sunny, and low humidity.

Ah, spring in the Catskills....and I rejoice in seeing another spring time lay itself at my feet.

Reporting from the fabulous Hudson Valley,

Patti O Flower


Liz said…
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Liz said…
deleted my last post by accident...oops!
Love your garden patti! it was great to see you the other night. i cannot believe another summer is about to begin! we have to get together soon.

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