Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am rushing- doing laundry, scooping cat litter, packing, paying bills.

It takes a lot of work for me to leave for 4 days......between house, work, and business. I am rather stressed, and am using Larry's computer as mine is fried and my laptop is packed.

I am sure that once I am on the plane, and I have a glass of wine, or a Bloody Mary, I will feel better, and once I land and get picked up by Megan and Alanna, and see their joyful faces and gigantic smiles, all my stress will be erased. But that is proceeded by a day of teaching, writing sub plans, working on a deadline for a publication, dashing off to the airport (on a strict time schedule) and hoping that I have everything I need for four days, haphazardly thrown together into a suitcase and business bag.

I have also had a major melt-down, but I won't go into that.

Stay tuned for tales from Fort Campbell, where a liberal Yankee woman invades the Army base. It has been spring there for over a month now (here in the Northeast, I am not sure we have had spring except for the fact that the leaves are indeed on the trees, though I bet they think they made a grave error.) and no doubt I will be the whitest person on the block. (my girls all have sun tans, or so they tell me)

Till then,

Patti O Traveler


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