Good Things Come to Those who Wait, and Wait, and Wait...

Larry and I spent the fading hours of daylight in the EOS, listening to the Allman Brothers and to Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, marveling over the cool neon blue and hot red lights that lit up the interior of my new car.

The car is amazing. It is beautiful, all that I imagined and more. A hard top convertible WITH a HUGE sunroof (no other car maker has this feature, not even Mercedes yet!) and bells and whistles above and beyond my imagination. Dual climate control, heated seats, Ipod ready, 10 speakers, good system, LUMBAR adjustment, 2 windscreens, an irridescent silver that reflects back the colors around it, with a hint of blue. Lightly tinted windows and roof, and my favorite part, a tiptronic transmission that lets you "shift" without a clutch, or use it purely as an automatic.

I have driven vans, utility vehicles etc. for the last 16 years of my life. At 50, I have finally bought myself a car that I could never afford as a kid, or as a single mother.

Sure, the payments are hefty, but I do not splurge on much, so this is the one excess that I have given to myself AND will share with my family and friends.

I know every morning that I head to work, that I will be thrilled with the ride, with the sound quality, and with knowing that I have gifted myself grandly after years of hard work. I know that there are years ahead, but it is somehow softened by an amazing piece of technology.

Larry and I sat outside, with moonlight pouring in through the sunroof. We giggled like kids, and even kissed each other in the dark. He is in love as much as I, and we look forward to many fabulous rides, with the top up, or the top down.

Thanks for bearing with me through this car ordeal. It has been hard to deem myself worthy of such a gift...something common to those who have lead the emotionally challenging life that I have led.

I can't wait till later tomorrow after school, when the temps are going to be 70, and I will put the top down, all-so-neatly folded into the trunk, pump up the music, and let my hair fly in the wind, even if it is getting a little grey.

To living!

Patti O Cruiser.

PS look for another unique car story in the near future...the story of a '68 Camaro...


MB Shaw said…
Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous!!! Enjoy......
Anonymous said…
You ARE worthy and deserve to have the car! Enjoy every minute of it....let your hair fly in the wind and turn up the tunes. Rock on sista!
Judy Vars said…
Great choice!

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