Putting my Top Down and Junk in my Trunk

I won't even BEGIN to tell you about the jokes I have had to bear over my car. How I can put my top down with one hand, and how the guys at work want to put their junk in my trunk.

Fortunately they are old friends who are just bad boys, and I have no problems cutting them down when I need to, but geez, give a guy a phrase, and he will see how many ways he can run with it. Too bad you can't give a guy a chore or a list and they do the same.

I have had some problems with my car, and I won't go into it, but when I did go back to the dealership, I gently told them in how I used to be a truck driver and safety mechanic and I had no problem getting down underneath the car, skirt or no skirt (as witnessed by the dirt on my hands from doing so.) They are fixing the problems, and I grinned as I shook their clean hands with my dirty ones. (while in a skirt/jacket and my fave Dansko wedges)

Pics of my front and rear. Enjoy.

Patti O Mechanic


Liz said…
this is a hot car. and those words do not come out of my mouth often...especially since I am not usually attracted to big hunks of metal. But this car has something more. I want to wear a sexy dress, put a flower in my hair and ride off into the sunset with it! did i mention the margarita? that too is required.

patti- congrats!

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