25 Random Things

I got tagged on Facebook by one of my cybespace friends for something called 25 Random things. I did it, as I love to play such games, only I will have to figure out the Facebook details tomorrow, but it made for a good post for tonight.

The image is from fact #18, and is one of the many pieces I have in my collection. I wrote a zine about my obsessions, and my obelisk obsession is in the zine, replete with images and a story.

25 random things about me.

1. I am a true red head in case you were wondering and no, I don’t color my hair, just put in some highlights now and then.
2. I have had three long term relationships. Married 2 of them, Divorced #1, still married to #2, and I think it is till death do us part.
3. I am fiercely independent.
4. I love to write, and make art. It is an integral part of my life.
5. I am a never recovered Catholic who spent time in a Buddhist Monastery this past year and loved it.
6. I hate to work out.
7. I quit smoking twice in my life, the last time because it would age my face faster.
8. I try and meditate every day
9. Even though I am 51, I still have a draw full of bikinis
10. I love epic romance movies such as Dr. Zhivago, Reds, and the English Patient
11. I love to do things that I can’t write about here.
12. The older I get, the more passionate I get about life.
13. I love to travel, even if it is to the next county.
14. I still don’t have a debit or cache card
15. I bought a convertible this year – a fantasy come true.
16. I am a grandmother to two, and love them dearly.
17. I have a passion/addiction for antique paper/prints
18. I used to have nightmares about obelisks as a child and collect their images
19. I wish my father didn’t die so young so that I could get to know him and figure out what made him so angry.
20. I hope that my children find the peace in their life that I have found in mine.
21. I hope that my ex finds peace too.
22. I wish I could thank all of the men who were part of my life for the lessons I learned from them so that I could end up with the man that I am married to now.
23. The only TV I usually watch is the Weather Channel and CNN
24. I hate to clean
25. Sometimes I fantasize about my cats dying so that I can buy a new sofa….something that I have never owned.

Hope you got a chuckle or two out of them. At first I did not know if I could come up with 25 random facts about myself, but after the first 5, it was all cake. And, as I sit here, I can probably think of another 15 at LEAST.

Patti O Divulger


annie kelleher said…
i find that with a lot of these memes... once you get going they get easy!! and the more i learn about you, the more i like you :)... have a happy thursday... xoxox annie

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