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I have gone back writing my art blog. I could not let it languish in cyberspace, and once I recuperated from the weeks of 12 hour days, I decided to keep it going, understanding that there are cycles in my art life, as in everything else, and there may be periods of time where I don't post. I keep two separate blogs as I figure not all artists want to read about my personal life, and some who read my personal blog might not be that interested in my art.

My art blog talks about the shows, the swaps, the risks, journey, and process of my art, which is a sub-life of its own. Stop by Catskillpaper some time for a look into the right side of my brain.

Tonight's images are from my recent studio work. The bottom piece is for a swap which I have named "Detritus Art", otherwise known as cleaning my studio while making art from the debris. It has been fun, and that was one of the reasons I joined a swap. I needed to put some art into the world to share with others, and have fun doing it. Plus it is a GREAT way to clean!

The other is a mixed media artwork , titled "Marie", which sat around in my studio for a long time in pieces. It is missing one element. I don't know where it is, or what it is, but someday it will show itself to me. This is an autobiographical piece about childhood, religion, and blind faith. Marie was my confirmation name, which is Italian for Mary. 11 or so years of age I was going straight to the top. No Teresa, Agnes, or Bernadette for me. And I did not name myself after St. Mary the Slave or St. Mary the Consoler either. I was picking a name on my OWN and it was going to be GOOD.

Marie was also a measure of how much trouble I was in. If either one of my parents got to my confirmation name when yelling at me ...Patricia Ann Marie....I knew I was done for and I had better start praying.

I laugh now, but I remember the solemnity that surrounded the mystery, ceremony, and the white crisp crinoline virginal dress of confirmation. I was innocence personified.

Off to Thai/Japanese/Chinese dinner, and then a quick stop at Hannaford before the snow storm tomorrow. Larry is my date. Yehaaaaa.....

patti o preparedness!


So the pants inspired ole Larry to take you out for a date, eh? =) I can't imagine keeping up with two are one driven lady Miss Patti O!

And the lineage of names begetting levels of punishment was hysterical!
annie kelleher said…
good for you!!! i might have to check that out sometime...;)
profolly said…
she sure looks as if she is waiting for something.
Andrea said…
What are the rules of an art swap? Is it a formal thing, or is it just an agreement between or among artists? Do you make something specific, or is it something you already have made? I like this idea!

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