A Historical Day

It was a historical day for our country. I won't go on and on about it, because by now, I am sure you have heard it all. But it was amazing.

My principal got up in front of the entire school and encouraged the students to take note of this moment in history as we began our school-wide celebration. She talked about how she marched for civil rights, and got pushed off the streets by policemen on horses, others sprayed by fire hoses.

I have been reading Maya Angelou's novel "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". Larry gave it to me for my birthday. Perfect reading for a time like this, and it is hard to believe that it has taken my entire lifetime of 50+ years to get to the point where people are appreciated for their ability, not their color.

What we did today in our Alternative High School was pretty amazing. We started with an assembly to prepare the students for the day, then we ran a series of 30 minute seminars related to the big day, such as Finding Peace Within Yourself, History of the First Lady Fashions, Green Energy, poets who have read for presidents, and a few others that I cannot remember. Mine was on Political Art, which took me four hours to prepare, but I learned a lot from it. Then we all gathered in the gym for an hour and a half to watch the Inauguration.

I found myself in tears during several parts of the ceremony. We applauded and hugged one another. I hope that we can get beyond the wounds of our past and look to heal together to unite for a new future. I hope that color can be relegated to our paintboxes, where it belongs.

To the dawning of a new day in America. And to all Americans, take part and be responsible. You are part of the problem if you aren't part of the solution.

Patti O Gratitude.


Very good advice Miz Patti O Hotpants in that last paragraph! I'm really glad schools had it on. It should have been required everywhere (oh, but that would trample on our free this that and the other, wouldn't it?). I stayed home to watch since I figured that leaving the online stream at work to chance was too risky. His was a three or four tissue speech for me. It's a new era. Yesiree....I can't wait to feel the joy...one moment after the next.
annie kelleher said…
geez i cried the moment my hubby turned the tv on this morning and sniffled pretty much until i turned it off after the speech. i was even sorry i didn't have to go to jury duty tomorrow - okay, i was only sorry for a few seconds but STILL i WAS sorry!!! ;)

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