Who Says You Can't Make Money as an Artist?

Tonight I had the most fabulous therapy appointment and field trip.

Though Peg is my therapist, she is also my mentor. I credit not only my mental health to her, but my courage to take risks and adventures in the spiritual and artistic realm. She is a gift from the universe, given to me at a time when I needed it most.

I am ready for great adventures. In fact I crave it. Entering shows, joining art organizations in places that count. Searching for residencies/fellowships for the summer. Planning for future trips around various US spots and Europe. A girl has got to have dreams, and I dream big. And I have come to realize that dreams CAN come true.

After Pegs, I headed over to Woodstock to meet an old friend whom I taught with before they cut the music program out of our school. For 5 years he has been designing and building a 7 million dollar log home in Woodstock, and I got to see it for the first time today.

Can I just say...UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE?! Three floors, and the floors are GLASS in some parts (don't wear a skirt there). Some parts are pieces of exotic wood embedded in grout. Giant beams abound, with a few beams shaped like a tree trunk (actually some were left in their natural form) a variety of kinds of fireplaces, radiant heat, copper galore, hand crafted EVERYTHING. Wave pool, sauna, steam room, workout room, lots of flat screens and a few mini kitchens scattered about. Toilets that are heated and wash your tush. Decks galore, etc. etc. Cork floors, cork furniture......

The greatest part of the story is that the woman started out in the 60's/70's tie dyeing and selling T-Shirts. She sold a design to Rolling Stone and the rest is history.

I did not even THINK to bring my camera, so I am going back sometime to photograph the inside of the house. All these years I have known this man and never knew that he had this talent. I knew he was a fab jazz musician, but this too...a true Renaissance man, who has kept quiet about his many accomplishments.

So the moral of the tonight's blog is...persevere. Trust. Work hard. Dream. Dream big. And believe.

Patti O Believer


Judy Vars said…
One step at a time day by day working steadly towards our dreams what we can accomplish in 10 days not so much, but in ten years it is staggering. It is really so gratifing to see others living a great lifestyle. Those are the people I like to admire.
Thanks for your inspirational blog.
I love fabulous houses to.
annie kelleher said…
what a great story!! the house sounds fabulous... yes!! take your camera next time!!!!
Woodstock said…
can we see it this weekend? if no then take good pics, i need some inspiration right now...


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