Googling Myself

It's a snowy day here in the Hudson Valley. My friends came over early to hang out. I was prepared for them with some brie and crackers, and cassis and champagne drinks. It was after noon, why not? The Christmas tree is still up, so as far as I am concerned, we are still in the holiday mode.

Just when I was about to head across the river to see Lois, it started snowing, so all plans cancelled. Instead I went to my attic where even those clutter buster folks would shudder. I cleaned off one minor surface, and came away with a folder of old prints and such which I am listing on ebay and etsy.

While researching some old prints and art, I googled myself which is something I periodically do in images and on the web. I was rather disappointed that more art did not come up under the images, no matter what I put in. Patti Gibbons, P.A. Gibbons, etc. But I did come up quite a bit on a web search, and while cruising around I re-connected with one artist friend, found an article with a blurb about me and an artwork in a Hudson Valley online article, and found that Nancy and Jouri Donskoj have the images of the entire show We're Only in it for the Money ONLINE. Follow the hot link I have provided, and note that all photos were taken by Nancy Donskoj. (the link should take you to photos she did of my cutie pie friend and ex-student Jesus) Those of you who live in the Hudson Valley need artwork photographed, she is the one. My two pieces were in glass, and she did a FAB job.

So now to figure out how to have a larger Image presence on Google. Any suggestions from any of you computer nerds out there? (I am a partial nerd in need of a better computer education to be a whole nerd)

Off to do some more work. I just got so excited and wanted to share this with you guys! Plus, it is fun to see how people interpret the theme. (money was supposed to be incorporated somehow into the art)

ta ta

Patti O Googler

PS This piece was stolen from a film set I was working on. It was in the Madonna 2000 show, and it is titled "Madonna of the White Pussy". Anyone seen her?


annie kelleher said…
ive never seen her but i will surely keep my eye out for her... the word i have to type is GRACE!!!!!!! - hallelujah!!! im sure that can only mean something really good!!!!
P.A. GIbbons said…
WOW...that is pretty wild. And funny!
Oh my Miss G!!!! The link brought some fabulously tasty photo of your friend!

I'm not sure how to have more of a presence on google but I'm almost positive that there's a Dummies book on it in existence somewhere in the world....there's probably one on Imitating Fruit Fly Flight Patterns if we look hard enough. I wonder if it would tell us how the heck they manage to just SHOW UP out of nowhere....

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