The Dream

I have vivid dreams nearly every night. I fly, I travel, I move into new houses, I fight, I have adventures that only those who dream could experience.

I love my dreams, and sometimes wisps of them overlap into my day, confusing me, making me wonder if I really have traveled somewhere the night before.

Last night (in the dream) Larry's cat got let out of the house by my daughter. (He loves his black half Siamese cat who plays fetch with stuffed mice, a gift from me for his birthday about 10 years ago and our cats NEVER go outside). I freaked, as I knew he would be a total mess until Shiva was back in the house. I got in my car to look for him. I was so crazed that I was driving around in a flooded parking lot with my top down (car top that is) I kept getting stuck in the mud, thinking what a mess my car was going to be with the mud flying out from under the front wheels. I could not find him, so I went back home.

In the house was a young man who was a friend of my daughters. He was upset by relationship problems. I whispered into his ear so that no one could hear me "Stephen Stills says LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH". He looks into my eyes, and begins to kiss me. I half feign horror, as my daughter is in the other room, but I do not stop him. He is a bit of a sloppy kisser, and I am thinking that he needs to fine tune his skills. He stops and asks me "what did you have for lunch?". I look at him and say "what does it matter?". He says "you taste like garlic". I say "SO WHAT?". He says "well, once I get some food in me, perhaps I can stomach it". Dream over. I wake up.


Well Larry, you are safe, even in my dreams I can't get into trouble. Something ALWAYS happens to put a kabosh on THOSE kind of adventures.

Artwork was made for a fat book on one of the yahoo swaps. It is based upon a flying dream I had, where I left the atmosphere and entered a place that had warm white light. I did not want to go back, and I tried to get others to join me there. At least this piece flew...though I did not, to Cologne, Germany for a show.

Patti O Dreamer


annie kelleher said…
i love that in my dreams when i find im making love with anyone its always Beloved. i wake up feeling so.... virtuous.
Melissa Harris said…
Really interesting dream. I often dream I am sleeping with movie stars. I have slept with Mick Jagger a lot and Ray Liotta and the list goes on and on.

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