Little Christmas

I am tired and almost said "furrrgetaboutit" when it came to writing tonight's blog.

But I got inspired by taking a few photos tonight, the night of "Little Christmas" , day #12 of the 12 days of Christmas.

It is snowing out. It's light, fluffy, and pretty now, however it is also going to sleet and throw down some freezing rain to boot. I can't deal with a totally frozen up car again, so I decided to try out my new car cover, but I was told that I should put down an old blanket first. I did that, but it only covered the windshield and the roof up to the back window, and am fearing everything sticking to the car and making a huge mess only to be undone with above freezing temperatures or hot water. Sigh. I will report back tomorrow.

I took a few shots..inside - the mantle, the lights by the side door, and the neighbor's house. Hand held, no flash shots, which can get blurry or grainy unless you get lucky - but you still get the feeling...of Christmas!

Here's to a delay, or better yet a snow day. I love being snowed in and eating what I can forage up in the kitchen, which tomorrow will be making an apple pie in the morning. Perhaps we will light a fire, and do some things that we so often put off. And, IF I have off tomorrow, we will make the spare bedroom into my meditation/yoga room. I am psyched. (photos will be forthcoming)

Have a safe and peaceful night,
Patti O' Holiday


annie kelleher said…
its looking like a snow day tomorrow here already... the snow's already all over the roads and drivng home to tonight was slippery.... thanks for the lovely peaceful photos! hope you have a snow day tomorrow too!!
Judy Vars said…
I hope you have a snow day tomorrow.

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