I'm in Love

I'm in love with Victoria's Secret, but wait, we are jumping the gun on the story.

A two hour delay this morning. Fabulous. Unexpected, another gift from the universe. Or is it.

No one is able to get into any kind of routine with snow days and delays . The kids are grouchy, the teachers are grouchy. We are all trying ease back into this structured school environment. What the kids sometimes don't understand is - I get it.

I go out to the car. My car cover/blanket cover worked, except that I had to take it off before it froze to the car. Then I was faced with drying out a cover that seems the size of an elephant, and the color of one too. (I propped it on my easel and have been drying it in the studio) But the windows opened fine this morning, and I headed to work.

Because I should not talk about my job here, I will only say that it was a challenging day. Just when I thought I have experienced everything, some new drama/emergency/situation arises to test how quickly and smartly you can react.

When I got home, I looked an noticed that my side windows had a horrid streaked film on them. To my dismay, nothing took off the film. Not glass cleaner, not vinegar, not hydrogen peroxide and water. I am sure it is from the lube/spray/dressing that VW put on the window seals to help ease the freezing problem. I think it mixed with the water and ran down the windows; it is the only thing that I can think would make such a mess and be difficult to clean w/all the lubricants in it. So now tomorrow I have to take the car BACK to the dealer to see if THEY can remove it. I will see if I have anything in school and try on my break as a last resort. I can't stand the thought of sitting around a dealership again. (mental note: bring book in case)

I was in a funk after my appointment with Peg, but on the couch was an envelope that was my Victoria Secret order. I have never ordered clothes from them before, but some of my friends have bought the loveliest things. I took advantage of their sale, and bought plum velour yoga pants (yumm), a Henley Cotton sweater, a boucle sweater with a peplum, and a simple scoop neck long sleeve thin cotton shirt for underneath sweaters and jackets. Everything fit, everything looked fabulous, and I smiled, especially when I stood before the fire Larry made in my luscious velour pants. ( I mean the fire in the fireplace. Don't want you to read that the wrong way, hahahahaha...)

Patti O Tsssssssss..........

Pictured: The boucle sweater that is now on sale at Victoria's Secret.


annie kelleher said…
you dont want us to read that the wrong way?? why, you afraid some of us might use it for the basis of a kinky scene? ;)
God forbid we view that as a butt whooping good time! Whooo! I'm jealous! So many of their things can be sooo gorgeous. How nice to see that someone just may have had a Happy Ending at the end of that day!
Judy Vars said…
the last two bloggs are so yummy
Mateusz said…
Hi Patti, I love Victoria's Secret too, certainly at woman body! ;)
Melissa Harris said…
i LOVE that sweater. might havta getme one.

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