Day #6

So it is day No. 6 of no sleep.

I feel like I am cursed.

Last night I gambled that there would be a snow day, which there was, and I stayed up to list things on Ebay and Etsy. I went to bed around midnight, and fell into a deep sleep.

At 2 am the phone rings, making both Larry and I jump.

My first thought is "it is the snow chain" but at 2 AM?

I pick up the phone..and there is a silence on the other end.
" Give me back my newspaper" the male voice says.
"I think you have the wrong number" I reply.

By now I am pissed and I hang up. I settle back into bed, and the phone rings again.


I tell him he's got the wrong person and I hang up and wonder what I am going to do if this persists. He never calls back, but I lay in bed disturbed by it till 3:30 am.

At 5:45 I get the call about the snow day.
I lay in bed for another hour or two, but know that 6 days of very interrupted sleep is beginning to get on my nerves.

Tonight I may take a hot bath, watch a movie..I have a few..The Queen, and Queen Margot. I may even break into my mostly undisturbed stash of Ambien and take a half which will guarantee a good nights sleep.

I spent the day doing things around the house, working on the taxes, being creative, and writing limericks for a book I am working on. Here are a few, which were inspired by the pictures above.

There once was a girl in a shoe
Who rowed with a man from Peru
He reached for her hand
And WHACK went her fan
Which split his face into two.

There once were two ladies from town
Who flirted by pulling their gown
Along came a guy
Who then pinched their thigh
And took off to never be found.

and last, but not least, to be matched up with one of my Bush collages:

There once was a President BUSH
Whose politics smelled like his TUSH
He cried for his mama
Instead came Obama
Who gave him a very big PUSH

Patti O Rhymer


Anonymous said…
You just can't leave President Bush alone, can you??? Maybe all the negative innuendos are contributing to your bad Karma with the "wrong number" at 2 AM and the dog that barks all night!!! President Bush is out of office now! Let it go!!! You must be pissed that it is a fact that he liberated 50 million lives in Iraq and Afganistan and you will never admit it!!!
Nice choice of Treasury Secretary by your "savior" by the way. You can't make that one up... A tax cheat now overseeing the IRS??? Do me a favor, I know you like to share your dreams alot... If you have one that includes you and B.O. --- spare us!!!
I already saw Jungle Fever!
Give Larry my best!
P.A. GIbbons said…
Like I tell everyone .... if you don't like what is on the channel, change it, and that includes reading my blog dear cousin! Yes, Mr. Bush is out of office, but the ruin that he has done to this country will be felt for years to come......I wonder what the history books will say! I know what so many in the US and the world are saying.

It is too bad that a silly little rhyme has bought out the nasty man in me a favor, if you don't like what I write, don't read it! And hi to Linda.
Hi! I'm Grace said…
What a nice poem.
But I got a ghostbump with your story. So, what was the man up to?

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