Sweet Revenge

The thing I love about my art, (some of it, not all of it) is it is payback to those who wronged me or others, without really doing anything other than telling a story on paper.

I have yelled at my father for his cruelty, at my mother for having ruined my hair for so many years, and today's art is about mean boys.

Boys who pull your hair, call you flatty Patti, dump you, sleep with your best friend and so on.

Tonight's card was inspired by a story that Larry's sister told me. He is about 5 years older than her, and once stole her doll, put it in a "doll coffin", and lit candles around her, just like a real wake. Then he bought her downstairs to the basement and showed her his little display. He totally freaked her out, and she never forgot it.

Well Anita, this one's for you.

I have sold the two art pieces I have pictured here. It is strange that someone would want to buy such personal and autobiographical works, but it happens. Tonight's card will go on Etsy soon, in my pagibbons store...or email me about it.A good laugh for 4.00!

Patti O Revenger


Judy Vars said…
Larry did that! Thats about the meanest story I ever heard. Good one hee,hee,hee. Older sibblings are cruel, just ask me I was the oldest.
annie kelleher said…
oh my god, that's creative. i'm so impressed. can you tell im the Big Sister in my family? :)

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