On Being Domestic

Most of you who know me have heard my famous joke about failing the Martha Stewart school of housekeeping and organization. One look at my house, and you will know that I DO NOT spend my time cooking, cleaning, or organizing. Playing, making art, socializing - yeah baby, but being domestic, blech.

Though not dirty, or totally messy in every room, my house is an prime example of a lived-in house occupied by two collectors/artists. Paperwork piles on the kitchen counter. Sometimes on the dining room table. Glasses of all shape and kind litter surfaces that range from the mantle to the hall table (hmm...I wonder whose they are...) Then there is my computer room, where I sit and write, sell my art and collectibles, filled with piles and envelopes full of things that I sort and measure. When necessary, I clean off the couch to watch TV.

Yet people come back, and so far no one has yet stepped in any cat vomit or stray turds from the long haired feline.

But on snow days, where I can't leave the house, and don't even want to bother wading through the snow to get to the studio, I get swept with a slight wave of nostalgia and a titch of domesticity comes out.

A fresh apple pies bakes in the over. The spare room has been stripped and put made into a "quiet place" for my early morning meditations. At last - a place out of the mainstream where I can meditate any time of the day undisturbed. I am starting one of several loads of laundry, and enjoy neatly folding the house and kitchen towels. The dining room table is clean, set with a small wooden bowl of clementines.

Pictured is a snippet of the warmth I feel when I get in such a nostalgic place. I even took out my old pie tin (which I can't bake in anymore for fear of giving my family lockjaw from the rust HAHA) to gaze at. I need a small nail so that I can hang this up in the kitchen.

But, the creative itch creeps under the skin, and at 1:30 in the afternoon I am OVER the domestic part of me, and am thinking about heading to the studio.

See ya!

Patti O Pie Hole



Melissa Harris said…
love that pie tin! and gosh I wish i had a nice hot piece of apple pie while sitting thru this scary storm. later,,,
Oooo....I'd love some applesauce pie! With extra creamy whipped cream! Wasn't that nice weather today?
Andrea said…
Yes! A kindred spirit! Domesticity is overrated. I wish Martha Stewart and others of her ilk would take a long walk off a short pier!

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