I think I am going to periodically give away things on my blog that I no longer need, or that I need to feng shui. Books, art, decorative items. I have toooo much and need to make way for the new.

If you get back to me before I leave town, I will ship this today.

It is a book I liked, but no longer need. I think I have depression by its bullish horns and have given it a shake. And, if it sneaks back, I have a big bag of tools and tricks, and think I can get through it without drugs.

I have taken medications over the years. They might have saved my ass. Some made me very sick however, and caused me many problems, thus my trying to figure out how to live life without them.

Some of it took very hard work, and at times, still does.

So this is a good book for someone who wants to understand more about depression, or knows of someone who might benefit from this book. Almost new condition. No dirt, food, drool, or wine stains.

Comment or email me.....

Off to get ready for adventures, will be taking my trusty laptop with me, so I won't be dropping out of sight!

patti o adventurer


Woodstock said…
Hmmmmm, no takers yet? I'll grab it. Heck, I'll be through that area soon enough.


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