A Blurb About Bathrooms

I don't have much energy to write. Probably because I have gone three nights without much sleep, and after a massage and a dinner out with a good friend, I don't have much left.

But two days in a row, I have been left with images of ladies rooms that are just plain YUCK.

Yesterday...a nice lunch in a fancy French restaurant in town. Champagne, good food, topped off with a trip to the ladies room before I head a few miles west to Woodstock.

I enter the ladies room, and it is pathetic. Worn, chipped wood. The decor is a few lonely shells strung along a shelf. The art work is wrinkled from some moisture, its origin uncertain. I look around and think, it wouldn't take much to transform this to a place that ladies would be comfortable visiting. I wonder what the men's room looks like, and I immediately turn the image off.

Tonight a different restaurant, same scenario. Lovely place, and I have to take a trip to the powder room before I head home. The toilet doesn't flush right, the place has no character or sense of cleanliness.

I fantasize about being the "fly lady" of bathrooms. The person who goes from restaurant to restaurant, redecorating the privvies with small things that make a girl feel good. Hand creme. Perhaps fancy hand towels in a basket. Nice art work.An aromatherapy plug-in that actually smells good. Maybe even a basket that contains a few feminine items. PUT A FRESH COAT OF PAINT ON THE WALLS.

How do I approach the owners to tell them "SEDUCE YOUR LADIES IN THE BATHROOM - make them feel like they are loved in ALL the right places!".

Perhaps I should send them this blog. I am willing to do a consultation for a dinner or two.

Patti O Potty Mouth!

ps. Thomas Cole's privvy from the mid 1800's looks good compared to what I visited!


Andrea said…
You know, this could be a new career for you. I can see it now--"Patty O'Potty's Comfort Rooms"!
Love, A.
annie kelleher said…
patty o'potty!!!!! what a great idea!!!! you could even sell franchises... there's lots of restaurants with sorry bathrooms around here!!!!you could be famous@!!!!! your face (and your art) could be in EVERY LADIES ROOM!!!! now that's taking over the world...

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