Self Portrait

I have spent most of the evening going through my Etsy and Ebay stuff, listing a few things, and trying to figure out how to make some money to pay my business bills. For the first time in 6 years, I have NO money in my account, just had the propane tank for the studio refilled, and need money for frames, a booth fee etc.

I am not freaking-yet.

But I am starting to list things to get a few bucks here and there which will hopefully add up to pay a bill or two.

Tonight's image is from a mixed media collage I did titled Water Witch. I was going to show her when as I was putting the finishing touches on the frame, I cracked it, making it garbage, and relegating her to the pile of unframed art. She is for sale for a mere 25.00....for anyone who will give her a loving home. You can get her through Etsy or though me. Made with hand made paste paper, antique marbled paper, hand water colored antique fish prints, and a vintage image of a character in a Greek Play from the 50's.

Yeah, she looks like me a bit these days. Still suffering from too much/too little estrogen, and I am in agony from it. I can feel it screaming through my body, if not my mouth, though today I tried to keep the little devil under wraps.

Off to write my art blog. It has been a while since I posted has been a while since I have made art. But I am OK with a break. I can't create when my house is Topsy turvey, and work has sucked me dry. I will take a weekend soon where I devote it to painting as I have so many images stored in this crazy brain of mine that need to break out.

Patti O Witch....


annie kelleher said…
you poor sweetie :(. sending you lots of hugs and happy hormone thoughts. :)

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