A Daffodil for You

Larry loaned me a Canon EOS from the Center the other day so that I could take some pictures of the Peter Sis workshop at the Woodstock Arts Asso./Museum. I forgot my camera, and he walked one over for me.

The camera is amazing, more than I can handle, but man, I could get easily spoiled. It is a heavy camera, but has a Macro lens, all kinds of bells and whistles, and took much better pics than my Powershot. But it is also 1,000.00 more, so I will stick to my simple little camera that has been very good to me and takes great shots for what it is.

Spring has been keeping me busy, and I don't like much typing on this laptop so I haven't been writing much. I have to get it together soon to buy the I-Mac from my friend, which then also means I am going to have to figure out how to hustle some money to pay off the loan I am going to have to give the business in order to buy it.

My bathroom is still being worked on, but the toilet and sink are in. I love my new toilet, which is a little scary as sometimes as the water has a pretty violent whoosh before it sweeps everything away. If it came any higher it might double as a bidet. My old one used 6+ gallons to flush compared to this, and took its time and did not flush very well at all. This one seems to be a self cleaner, compared to my old one which seemed to always be in need of a swish of the brush. I hope in a few weeks that all will be done, and I will have new pics to show you. So much was done that there are lots of little odds and ends that have to be done before it is officially Home and Garden material. Toilet, btw, courtesy of American Standard, about 270.00 with a 10 year warantee..and it guarantees to flush a bucket of golf balls. Can't wait to try that trick.

And update on the next door dog/neighbor story. I have emailed the landlord who used to be our neighbor and gave him the run down. I should have done this long ago as no one else has called him and he had no clue of the craziness that is going on. (I have only told you the dog stories..there is more...) Maybe a call from the landlord will hold more weight than my complaining, though the last time I think I blew off some of her hair.

Off to bed. A field trip tomorrow to the Lifebridge Foundation, and it promises to be another good day I think!

Patti O Pouter


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