Ignore that woman behind the curtain

I got up this morning with cramps and in a terrible state. I decided that since it was Parent Teacher Conference day from 11 on, and I hardly had anyone scheduled, that I was going to give myself a gift and go home by noon.

I did exactly that, and had full intentions to work on the studio, but instead I had a challenging morning and came home and went to bed for three hours. I am a bit concerned as I have had to come home and go to bed for the past three days. It is not something I usually do. As usual, I blame it on my hormones, and that they are making me depressed and tired. I don't like to think about the other options- that there is something physically wrong with me.

I can get myself quite upset about my health....the lump in my hand. Something wrong with my uterus (which there is..). My ankle is hurting a lot...perhaps one of the 12 screws holding it together is backing out. And then there are my allergies. And my stomach. Oh it can get so overwhelming....and I am usually so energetic and positive that I get concerned when I feel otherwise.

Annie picked my up tonight and we headed out for 1/2 price margarita night at our fave venue. Afterwards we headed to...uh, one of our left of center stores and while at the cashier I nonchalantly say "do you know where I steal batteries from"? and she says..."school?". At that point I break into laughter, and the cashier is cracking up to the point where I think he is going to pee his pants. "NO" I retort, snorting out my nose, "from my TV or DVD remote" and we fly out the store hysterical.

Nothing like a good snort and belly laugh.

One of the favorite things about my relationship with Larry is that we laugh a lot in bed. We tell each other the silly things that go on in our day, make up ridiculous jokes, and lay in bed and laugh hysterically, to the point that were are useless for anything else. To be honest, I can't think of a better way to end a long day. As the old Reader's Digest magazine says..."laughter is the best medicine".

Off to sleep....

Patti O Laughter


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