Diggin the Day

I started off today in a very rough manner. Let's just say, I feel like I could be a female black widow.

Though I work with such difficult kids who suck the energy out of me on a good day, they give me energy on a bad one. For such troubled kids, they manage to dig deeply withing themselves and give empathy and kindness when I need it most. For that I am most grateful.

I was lucky to have been able to take a small group of students out to a site along side the Hudson River to paint, not far from a spot that I took a haunting series of ice photographs when I was traveling to see my daughter during her chemo. The science teacher has a relative whose house sits up on a hill, not far from the river, and whose land is laden with Native American artifacts.

The students have been doing an archaeological dig, finding arrowheads, flints, knives, and fire cracked rock. It has been exciting for them, and I took a small group to paint along side of the dig.

Six students joined me in painting the river in watercolors. I forgot to bring my painting home, but instead used the watercolor filter in Photoshop to give you a digital painting until I get my painting from school.

It was in the 60's, the sun shone bright, and the sun soothed the lion in me while painting my cheeks a light rose. Though I am still not in the best of places in my head and in my heart, I am grateful for the beauty of the day and the quality time spent with my students.

Patti O Painter


Judy Vars said…
You are an exceptional teacher!
annie kelleher said…
that sounds like a wonderful experience... i wish i'd had an art teacher like you!!!!

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