Mostly Ready to Go

I never sleep well the night before a trip. I stay up late packing, and then I must set aside some quality time to be with my man, no matter how neurotic and rushed I feel.

I am pretty much packed, having to take far less than I thought I can due to the small suitcase I am bringing with me plus one carry on. I do have things for Dana in it which will free up some room for gifts on my return. I hope to find my favorite Spanish soap, perhaps a lovely scarf or piece of jewelry as a memento of my time in Spain. Mostly the experiences, the photos, and the sketches will be what is most important to bring back with me.

I won't go into the rant about how I only got 1,400.00 back from my taxes, having to pay 250.00 to an accountant, and the state about 350.00. Hours and hours of work to get my own 800.00 back. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I paid in taxes as I slip lower and lower on the rung of middle class. This trip could be one of the last for a while.

However, I am going to get crafty. Since I will be photographing for school, mainly architecture, and photographing/painting for my art business, part of this trip is going to be a tax deduction folks.

The photos above are how compact I got with my art supplies. A rubber collapsible bowl that I got at Kenco, the local outdoor sporting goods store. The watercolors are by Kohinoor, and I have a few small Moleskine watercolor notebooks. They fit into my purse, and away I go.

I hope to find an Internet cafe near Dana's apartment that I can find my way to and back in the mornings or at siesta time to write and post photos. Dana has a laptop too, but that will be shared by four of us, and I will need at least a half hour every other day!

Till the next post!

Patti O Explorer!


Judy Vars said…
I'm waiting to hear of your adventures!

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