Getting to the Ocean

Chris, Dana's friend from Manchester, England, took all of us for a ride south outside of the city. We poured 5 of us into a four-seat Citroen.

I am very glad that we decided NOT to rent a car as the roads here are narrow, parking is a bear, people park bumper to bumper with little room to spare, and if you double park on the street, it is expected that you leave the car unlocked so that the car can be put into neutral and be pushed out of the way.

Most of the cards are small; VW's, Toyotas, Fords, Mercedes, Renaults, Fiats, and other small cars. Having a big car is not practical.

We walked along the ocean, watching the locals surf cast. We had a lovely 2-3 hour lunch where I had paella for the first time.

The food here is very different and I have entrusted our hosts and their friends to order for us. We have eaten foods much out of our normal palette. Meats, especially ham, plates of snails, blood sausage, cheese, squid, muscles, fried fish, complete with heads. Lots of bread and olive oil, and the best wine/beer/sangria/ and coffee. Cafe con Leche (sp?) has become my morning staple.

I have to head to bed. It is near 1 am and we have another day of adventure planned; the market, and the Museum of Arts and Sciences. It is also strange sleeping in a city with many different sounds than my American city. It takes me a while to fall asleep as I lay in bed deciphering its many sounds and songs.

Ciao, Patti


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