A Very Bad Combo

What do you get when you cross jet lag with PMS and a day of very cranky kids? One hell of a pissy-assed scorpio woman. (fyi--spell check wanted to change pissy to pussy...almost fell off my chair).

I was so mellow when I returned to work today. Smiling, inspired, rested. I thought that the kids would be tired from partying for 10 days. I know I was. But no, they were wild, irascible monsters and retirement, selling everything, and going on the road was looking very appealing.

I came home, planning to take a nap. On the way home I realized that Tom was going to be there working on the bathroom. My bedroom is one door away, and I knew I would get no sleep. So I took a sheet out from the closet to cover the cat hair couch and did my best to close my eyes and dream of paella, strong coffee, and cathedrals in between strange noises coming from the bathroom. (construction noises that is)

After dinner I started ripping apart my old computer system in order to lay it to rest and install a new one when I get it. I run a lot of equipment off my computer, and was disgusted with the rats nest of wires to printers, scanners, modems, routers, speakers, more speakers, draw pad and more. How DOES one keep it neat?! I am taking the big step away from PCs and buying a friends I Mac. I have learned to fix PCs fairly well, and can only help that with the help of friends, I will be able to do the same to the Mac.

In the meantime I have connected my laptop to my scanner/printer as I cannot WAIT to print up some photos from the trip.

I have much to tell, but too tired to think, so I will leave you with an image to think about next time you eat calamari!

patti o crank


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