On Being Great

A friend of mine posted a query on Facebook this morning on being great, and questioned as to whether location had any influence on his quest.

I thought about it for a bit over coffee, feeling a bit rushed by the need to shower AND wash my hair today, a bit greasy from a few days of hot temps, even here in the Hudson Valley. (one of the wonderful things about being over 50 is that I don't have oil wells in my scalp or perched on my face anymore...which equates to less hair washing and fewer pimples..)

I quickly responded that we can be great anywhere. Greatness has no geographic regions or boundaries, that just being thinking, living beings on this earth in and of itself makes us great.

Sure I joke about being over 50, or having a little belly, and a road map of veins on my legs, but I love and appreciate every moment I have on this earth, bearing witness to the greening of the leaves of another season, having eyes to see it, a nose to smell it, a car to drive through the mountains to watch the sun rise and set.

Be GREATFUL for you are alive and healthy.
Be GREATFUL for living where you do.
Be GREATFUL in that you are a free thinker and have fingers to type your query.

Love thyself for what you are. In that you are great.

(spell check is not liking my mis-spelling of GREATFUL- oh well, chew on it spellcheck)

I am grateful for the car that took me to the lovely town of Catskill late this afternoon for a dinner at the Thai restaurant. It was 90+ on the way up and 73 on the way back. Annie and I threw our hands up in the air (top down of course) rejoicing in the beauty of the clouds, and the majesty of the mountains. It made everything that we had complained about good once again.

Dear friend, if you ever question your own greatness, come take a ride to the Catskills, read a book on mindfulness, say a prayer of any kind by a mountain stream. Love thyself. And know in the eyes of the universe/god/GOD/Buddha/nada, you are already great.

Patti O Preacher


annie kelleher said…
only a man would think greatness is in way linked to place.

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