Potty Talk

I don't think it is fair that you can take a car for a test ride, you can lay on the mattress before ou buy it, you can buy computer equipment and return it w/in two weeks if you don't like it at Staples, and you can sit on sofas before you buy them, but when it comes to toilets - well that is another story, at least in MY city. (at Home Depot and Lowes...)

When I went shopping for my new toilet not too long ago, I was hoping that the models were close to the ground so that --- you know--- I could sit on them, look at them closely. If I remember correctly, they used to be on the ground. But when I went to shop for one, they were about 12 or more feet up on a display, making it very difficult to even see them.

Larry said that this was because once someone took a dump inside of one, and that ended toilets on the floor. Heck, just because a drunk on a plane took a dump on a serving cart, did the airlines take off carts or stop serving drinks? NO.

So I have this toilet, which I really like for the most part. It looks decent, it can "flush a bucket of golf balls" if I ever need to do that, has a 10 year warantee, is an American Standard and only uses 1.6 gallons of water. I am still not used to the seat, it is much longer and narrower than my lovely 80 year old one, and when if flushes, a word of caution- stand back Jack. I would not sit while you flush it. Today I had a little splash back on the seat after I flushed, and was totally freaked out by it. Like the blob coming to get me. Oh, but it's mighty flushing power keeps it really clean I have to say..amazingly clean. No streaks survive it's superpowers and I like that.It also flushes fast, and fills up fast, which means I can flush before I take a shower and not have to wait 1/2 hour...

My old toilet, though r e a l l y comfy, was a 6 gallon flusher. Not eocologically nor economically feasible since I pay for water and sewer. And, it couldn't flush a golf ball if you helped it along. Hell, sometimes it couldn't even flush toilet paper. And dirty? I was ALWAYS cleaning the bowl.PLUS it had a demon and would sometimes run while I was in the shower, scalding me. No matter how many times we fixed it, it still did it.

I still have another old one in my downstairs bathroom. That too is a 6 gallon flusher, and can't flush for shit (no pun intended) and gets dirty in a heartbeat, but it doesn't get used that often. That too will eventually get replaced, but that will be after I put up the 5' privacy fence to keep out the dog feces (I wonder if the new toilet will flush a black lab and it's owner and four kids?)

Off to take potty photos...blog would not be complete w/out them!

Patti O Flusher

(top photo the old one taken in really cramped quarters, bottom one the new one, bathroom not quite done..)


Judy Vars said…
i like those English toilets with the high wood tank. I love to look at toilets and bathrooms in magazines. My dad was a plumber and designed amazing bathrooms.

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