Bathroom Obsession

Here are some photos of my bathroom under construction. I figured since I talk about it so much, I should put up some before and then after photos.

When I bought this house in 1991 the bathroom was hideous. I seem to remember lime green wallboard and some other color wall above it. The large claw foot tub was fabulous, except for the fact that they had cut the feet off, perhaps to get it into the bathroom?

I boxed in the tub with wainscoting, and topped it with dark green tiles, and put golden oak stained wainscoting around the entire bathroom. At that time I had wallpapered the walls above the wood with a lovely dark green patterned paper, but in retrospect I think it looked like Persian designed boxer shorts. Still it was cozy and much more attractive.

Several years ago we pulled off the paper as it was peeling from the unvented moisture, and painted the room a lovely melon, with dark green trimmed woodwork. I had a wood medicine cabinet made, and installed new lights. It was better than it had ever been.

Over the years some of the wainscoting around the tub rotted from moisture..should have tiled behind it the first time, but a lesson learned too late. (that has been done as seen here) Then there were water problems that HAD to be fixed as they have only become worse as time went on, and Larry's perfect paint job started bubbling up from the moisture, so I took the plunge (no pun intended) and asked my friend Tom to remodel it again.

Away with the temperamental monster toilet that used 6 gallons to flush it and ran when it felt like, (a bitch to run after it too) often scalding me in the shower. To fix the pipes, Tom removed the little hexogonal tiles, and discovered the pipes were under a 4" poured slab of cement which had to be removed before he could do anything. To put in a fan meant we had to put in a dedicated electric line, meaning knocking into the wall... The pipes had to all be replaced as they were plugged with 80 years of deposits and there were complications such as leaks and other things.

As of this writing, there is no toilet, the pedestal sink (which I am keeping-it is royal) is out, and the floor is being installed. I have chosen the same tiny hexagonal tiles, which are a pain in the butt to lay down. The shower will get a new faucet and curtain ring, which is currently held together by duct tape. There is plaster and cement dust all over the house, I feel crazed with the construction, but know it is going to be beautiful when it is done.

A few words of wisdom; don't use wood in an area that might get splashed with water, if you can, have a fan installed to save your paint and wallpaper jobs, and SEAL your grout. I heard a few disgusting stories about what urine and other substances can do to grout.......(not that I have that issue, but it CAN happen!).

Off to bed, I have obsessed about this bathroom thing far too long. I will dream of a beautiful bathroom and clean house. I have learned I am not the type of gal who likes major remodeling and will NEVER buy a fixer-upper hahaha.

patti o potty


Judy Vars said…
Oh it's going to be wonderful. I sure miss my 100 year old home is SLC sometimes.

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