Here's your Easter Rabbit

Annie and I have come back for a little siesta. We had a rough morning after several days of staying up way too late, drinking too much, and eating things we have never had before. We had "rice of the oven" last night, and i even ate and LIKED the blood sausage. Needless to say our bodies are still in shock and we need a rest before going out to shop for dinner.

We have entered a very different world here in Valencia.
Some things of note:

They are very into recycling and water conservation, but dogs poop anywhere they want and there appears to be no leash laws.

People throw things in the street instead of the garbage, but the street cleaners come very morning to clean, as witnessed by the very LOUD sound of the machinery at some ungodly time in the morning that scared me half to death.

People love Obama, and the women love Michelle even more, and are thrilled that we have him as a new president.

Cars here, for the most part are very small, and some of the crossings only give you 30 seconds to cross a major intersection. There are timers on the crosswalk and all you have is 30 seconds. Fortunately Annie and I are able to move quickly.

The local markets are amazing. I have never seen such an array of meats, poultry, and seafood, including the heads and body parts galore.

The woman here have amazing boots.

The cathedrals have lots of skulls, bones and body parts of martyred saints and other important people.

Photo of Dana and Annie waiting at the Post Office feeling quite rough post three days of fiesta. Notice I did NOT post a picture of myself who probably was the roughest of all. The other photo, well, here's your Easter rabbit.

Off to nap.

Patti O Party


Andrea said…
That's one disgusting picture. Poor bunnies! If more people actually saw what their meat looked like before butchering, and after skinning, I daresay we'd have more vegetarians!

Glad you're having a great time!

(Word verification is "corni". How weird is that?)

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