At the Cape

This is the second time I have typed my blog. Somehow my laptop crashed; I suspect it was the updates that Vista was trying to download and it dumped my entire blog.

Anyway, I am at the Sparrow in Orleans, one of my fave places that has wireless, where I sip on coffee, munch on a scone, and check my emails.

I am in a bit topsy-turvy, as I had just returned from one trip, to come home for a day, work the entire day, then get ready to hop in the car again for another four days.As a result, I forgot my medications..and hope that my lack of blood pressure meds will be OK. Breathe Patti, breathe.

The EOS had been consistently getting 33.5 MPG on long road trips, which was more than I expected. I bought my first quart of motor oil, synthetic European grade Penzoil which runs 7.00 a quart. No wonder an oil change on this car costs 75.00. Probably at least half of the cost is oil and filter!

We are heading to the beach for a late afternoon stroll and swim if the weather holds out. Out of four days I only ask the universe for one afternoon of sun and fun. At this point, we shall see.

Off to find something to keep us busy for another hour till we meet our friends back at their house, then off to the beach. Tomorrow I promise photos/artwork.

Patti O Sand


Say hola to the Cape for me :)
Sounds like you are having a great summer.

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