Slide Show

I am going to post this slide show on the side of the my blog in the future. It will be a changing show of various work that I do, or that I love. Surrealism, political, humor, landscape, encaustic, and perhaps a bit of erotica thrown in here and there. Nothing to make me have to post one of those "blogger warning adult matter" banners. I am sure doing that alone would up my blog traffic, but a girl wants to be known for more than her erotica you know.

You can click onto the image that you like on the slide show which brings you to the main site, where you can then click again on same photo, then on image again to bring you to a screen where you can view it larger etc. Just play and you will figure it out. It is a great free program, and easy to use. Type into your browser to use it for your My space, blogger, site, etc.

Doing such art things helps center me and give me strength to do the more difficult jobs, and I also make positive things happen to counterbalance life's difficulties.

I am leaving first thing in the morning. My mom is holding steady, she has even shown signs of improvement. I feel like it is now or never. I don't have a huge window of time. I will "live and let God" and allow life sort itself out. My girlfriend is going to stop by a few times to see her, which is a fabulous gift. I had a few good days of being with and comforting her, now it is time to take care of my daughter and family. I will put on my Mary Poppins hat and head out to Blue Grass Country and live life a moment at a time and hang onto my hat while I am on the ride.

Next will be news from the road.

Patti O Racer


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